Tharaka University College Fee Structure 2023/2024

Tharaka University College Fee Structure 2023/2024

The Tharaka University College Fee Structure for 2023/2024. With the irregular increase in the cost of higher education, Tharaka University College is pleased to offer a range of fee structures that will suit the diverse needs of our various students.

On this page, KeFinder writers have outlined the range of fee structures as announced by Tharaka University College. Both new and old students can check to familiarize themselves with the various fees.

Applicants who are willing to get admission into the school should click to read on Tharaka University College Intake.

Tharaka University College accepts fees payment via bank. The Bank Account Details provided is one way to pay your school fees.

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The Table for Tharaka University College Fee Structure for 2023/2024 Academic Year

The following is the TUC Undergraduate programmes and their respective tuition fees:

  B.Sc. (Computer Science) 55,000/=/semester 40,000/=/block
   B.Sc. (Applied Computer Science)    55,000/=/semester 40,000/=/block
Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting, Banking &Finance, Human Resource Mgt, Marketing,Management Science, Insurance& RiskManagement, OR Cooperatives Management)    50,000/=/semester 34,000/=/block
-Bachelor of Entrepreneurship and EnterpriseManagement-Bachelor of Procurement and LogisticsManagement   50,000/=/semester 34,000/=/block
  Bachelor of Cooperatives Management 50,000/= /semester 34,000/=/block
B.Ed. (Primary Option) 40,000/=/ block
B.Ed. (Arts Education) 50,000/=/semester 34,000/=/block
B.Ed. (Science Education) 55,000/=/semester 40,000/=/block
B.Sc. (Agricultural Education & Extension) 55,000/=/semester 40,000/=/block
Bachelor of Psychology 50,000/=/semester
B.Ed. (Early Childhood Development) 50,000/=/semester 34,000/=/block
Bachelor of Hotel Management 55,000/=/semester 40,000/=/block55,000/=/semester 40,000/=/block
B.Sc. (Wildlife Enterprise & Management)
B.Sc. (Animal Science) 55,000/= / semester
B.Sc. (Agriculture) 55,000/= / semester
BSc (Food Science and Technology) 55,000/=/semester
B.A. (Criminology and Security Studies). 50,000/=/semester 34,000/=/block
B.Sc. (Community Development) 50,000/=/semester 34,000/=/block
B.Sc. (Economics & Statistics) 50,000/= / semester
B.A. (Economics and Sociology) 50,000/=/semester 34,000/=/block
B.A. (Linguistics and Literature) 50,000/=/semester
B.A. (Kiswahili and Geography) 50,000/=/semester
Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy 50,000/=/semester
Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies 50,000/=/semester
Bachelor of Science in Actuarial Science 55,000/=/semester
Bachelor of Science in Applied Statistics 55,000/=/semester
DIPLOMA PROGRAMMES-Diploma in Business Management-Diploma in Accounting-Diploma in Human Resource Management-Diploma in Procurement & Logistics Mgt-Diploma in Insurance and Risk Management 35,000/=/semester 24,000/=/block
Diploma in Computer Science 35,000/=/semester 30,000/=/block
Diploma in Animal Health and Production 35,000/=/semester 24,000/=/block
Diploma in Meat Science and Technology 35,000/=/semester 24,000/=/block
Diploma in Farm Resources Management 35,000/=/semester 24,000/=/block
-Diploma in Horticulture-Diploma in Agriculture & Rural Development
Diploma in Tourism & Hotel Management 35,000/=/semester 24,000/=/block
Diploma in Wildlife Management
Diploma in Education (Secondary Option) 36,000/=/semester 24,000/=/block
Diploma in Education (Primary Option) 24,000/=/block
Diploma in Education (Early Childhood                           Development Education) 35,000/=/semester 24,000/=/block
Diploma in Agricultural Education & Extension 36,000/=/semester 24,000/=/block
Diploma in Counselling Psychology 35,000/=/semester 24,000/=/block
-Diploma in Community Development-Diploma in Criminology & Security Studies-Diploma in Disaster Management-Diploma in Project Planning & Management-Diploma in Social Work-Diploma in Leadership & Public Administration-Diploma in Journalism & Mass Communication 35,000/=/semester 29,000/=/block
CERTCERTIFICATE COURSES-Certificate in Business Management-Certificate in Procurement & Logistics Mgt 30,000/=/semester
Certificate in Computer Science 30,000/=/semester
Certificate in Hospitality & Tourism Management 30,000/=/semester
Certificate in Animal Health and Production 25,500/=/semester
Certificate in Early Childhood Education 30,000/=/semester
-Certificate in Community Development-Certificate in Criminology & Security Studies-Certificate in Project Planning& Management-Certificate in Social Work 30,000/=/semester
-Certificate in Disaster Management-Certificate in Leadership & Public Admin
Certificate in Computer Literacy/Packages 30,000/=/course
-Certificate in National Cohesion, Values and Principles of Governance– Certificate in HIV/AIDS Management 30,000/course
Certificate in Bridging in all KCSE subjects (Math, Biol, Phys, Chem, English, Kisw) 15,000/=/course
  • Please keep checking on this site in order not to miss out on the updated fee structure.

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