KUCCPS Courses Codes 2023/2024

KUCCPS Courses Codes 2023/2024

KUCCPS Courses Codes 2023/2024 – Find the list of KUCCPS Courses offered and their Codes 2023/2024.

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A course code is a combination of letters and numbers that identify the courses or programmes offered by the KUCCPS.

Below are the KUCCPS Courses and their Codes 2023/2024

S/ No. Prog. Code Course / Programme  Name
1. 1279296 Bachelor of Arts in International Relations
2. 1279668 Bachelor of Arts in Justice and Security Studies
3. 1279604 Bachelor of Arts in Mass Media and Communication
4. 1279669 Bachelor of Arts in Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution
5. 1279671 Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration and Governance
6. 1279672 Bachelor of Arts in Security Studies and Criminology
7. 1279806 Bachelor of Arts in Sociology
8. 1279244 Bachelor of Business Information Technology
9. 1279151 Bachelor of Business Management
10. 1279133 Bachelor of Commerce
11. 1279674 Bachelor of Counseling Psychology
12. 1279305 Bachelor of Development Studies
13. 1279146 Bachelor of Economics
14. 1279540 Bachelor of Economics and Finance
15. 1279199 Bachelor of Economics and Statistics
16. 1279137 Bachelor of Education (Science)
17. 1279135 Bachelor of Education Arts
18. 1279675 Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood Studies
19. 1279155 Bachelor of Education in Special Needs Education
20. 1279107 Bachelor of Science in Actuarial Science
21. 1279403 Bachelor of Science in Agriculture and Rural Development
22. 1279290 Bachelor of Science in Animal Health and Production
23. 1279455 Bachelor of Science in Dental Technology
24. 1279188 Bachelor of Science in Environmental Health
25. 1279677 Bachelor of Science in Finance and Statistics
26. 1279603 Bachelor of Science in Food Science and Processing
27. 1279678 Bachelor of Science in Health Informatics and Information Management
28. 1279681 Bachelor of Science in Health Records and Information Technology
29. 1279224 Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management
30. 1279150 Bachelor of Science in Information Science
31. 1279232 Bachelor of Science in Information Technology
32. 1279682 Bachelor of Science in Justice Information Systems
33. 1279194 Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Sciences
34. 1279202 Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics
35. 1279683 Bachelor of Science in Real Estate Management
36. 1279163 Bachelor of Science in Statistics
37. 1279684 Bachelor of Science in Travel and Tourism Management
38. 1279685 Bachelor of Social Work and Administration

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