Kitale National Polytechnic Library Opening Hours

Kitale National Polytechnic Library Opening Hours

The Kitale National Polytechnic Library. Details about Kitale National Polytechnic Library. Kitale National Polytechnic Library Information

A library is a building or room containing collections of books, periodicals, and sometimes films and recorded audio for use or borrowing by the public or the members of an institution. Kitale National Polytechnic Student Portal.

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The department existed for a long time as a support department that offered support subjects such as, English, Swahili, Social studies for TEP Certificate courses in Engineering and Communication Skills for Diploma in engineering courses, these were not externally examined. In 2011, the department introduced new courses in Social Work and Community Development and Information Studies at both Certificate and Diploma levels. In 2013,we presented the first candidates to KNEC and they all registered 100% pass a culture we have maintained to date.

Subsequently, we have introduced other courses like Entrepreneurship and Project Management at both Certificate and Diploma levels.

However, the department still offers support subjects to all Engineering departments at both levels of study with the changes in the curriculum allowing Communication Skills subject to be externally examinable.

The department is headed by the Head Of Department, assisted by the Deputy Head Of Department. It has three sections namely; Social Work and Community Development, Information Studies and Management, which are all headed by Section Heads. The department also offers other services like Guiding and Counseling, Motivation and Disciplinary, Games and Sports, Drama and Music among others.

Currently, it is one of the departments that are running as a non-technical, based on the nature of the courses offered however it is captured in both Management and Entrepreneurial Skills.

Our graduates can be absorbed in the following organizations;

  1. Ministry of Youth, Gender and Sports
  2. Hospitals
  3. County Governments
  4. Non- Governmental Organizations (NGO)such as Rehabilitation centres, Children’s homes
  5. Judiciary Courts at the Registry
  6. Kenya National Museums
  7. National Libraries among others

The following is a list of courses that are currently being offered and those which are yet to be introduced soon;

  1. Certificate in Social Work and Community Development (TEP)
  2. Diploma in Social Work and Community Development Module 1, 2
  3. Diploma in Social Work Module 3
  4. Diploma in Community Health Modula 3
  5. Certificate in Information Studies Module 1 and 2
  6. Diploma in Information Studies (TEP)
  7. Diploma in Entrepreneurship Education Module 1
  8. Certificate in Project Management (TEP)
  9. Diploma in Project Management Module 1

Other courses waiting to be introduced include;

  1. Mass Media
  2. Diploma in Counseling: Chemical Dependency and Addictions Counseling Option
  3. Diploma in Broadcast Journalism
  4. Diploma in Print Journalism
  5. Family Life Education


Implementation of the KNP Quality Management Systems by;

  • Imparting knowledge and skills that is relevant to the Industry
  • Evaluation of trainees
  • Coordination of internal examination
  • Invigilation and Supervision of Internal examination
  • Analysis of both Internal and External examination
  • Release of result slips and transcripts
  • The communication link between the students and Administration
  • Coordination of Academic trips
  • Organization and coordination of academic groups among students
  • Guiding and counselling of students
  • Participating in ISO 9001:2015
  • Any other service that is in line with the Quality Management Systems.

The HOD/ Deputy HOD is expected to but not limited to:
Departmental management and co-ordination

  • Co-ordinating consultancy and research activities undertaken within the department in liaison with other departments, government and industry
  • Providing leadership in curriculum design, development and review in a particular field
  • Co-ordinating the development and production of course materials to be used within the department
  • Ensuring proper care and maintenance of tools, equipment and other facilities within the department
  1. Human resource management
  • Allocating duties to staff within the department as well as undertaking research consultancy in the area of specialization.
  • Co-ordinating staff development activities within the department
  • Appraising staff within the department
  • Promoting liaison between the organization and the customers, employers, sponsors and the local community in order to cultivate goodwill.
  • Co-ordinating fieldwork
  • Guidance and counselling of members of the department
  1. Financial management and control
  • Coordinating identification and procurement of appropriate materials, supplies, tools equipment, and other facilities in order to improve and uphold high standards of performance.
  • Maintenance of proper inventories of equipment and supplies entrusted to the department
  • Co-ordinating income-generating activities within the department and
  • Coordinating departmental requisitions, receipts and issues of institution’s supplies.
  • Any other responsibility assigned to the officer in line with the quality management system.

Our Lecturers are obligated/ expected to but not limited to:

  • Preparing schemes of work
  • Making lesson notes
  • Preparing and update records of work
  • Coordinating and organizing students’ class attendance as per the timetable
  • Preparing individual and departmental work plans
  • Guiding and counselling students
  • Marking and submitting awards on time
  • Attending all meetings
  • Liaising with the department in maintaining students’ progress reports
  • Coordinating students’ attachment exercises in the department
  • Advising students on career progression
  • Any other services in line with the quality management system.

Our students are expected to:

  • Attend to all the classes and meetings as scheduled
  • Sit for all the examinations and CATs
  • Participate in social activities during the term
  • Maintain good conduct in the department and college at large
  • Attend all meetings as per the department
  • Ensure and maintain cleanliness in their classes
  • Maintain respect to other students and staff in the department at all times
  • Maintain a high level of discipline in the department
  • Communicate using the two national and formal languages (English and Swahili)
  • Engage in research and innovation in the department
  • Any other activity that is in line with the curriculum and co-curriculum implementation

We warmly appreciate the assistance, cooperation and support from the Management of the Institution, departmental teaching and non -teaching staff and our sister departments in the Institution.

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