Kenya Prisons Service Training College

Kenya Prisons Service Training College

Kenya Prisons Service Training College Admissions 2022/2024 – Kenya Prisons Services Training College Intake 2022 Admissions. The Kenya Prisons Services Training College Admission Application Form for various Intake in the 2022/2024 academic year.

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Commandant Prisons Staff Training College

The commandant of the Prisons Staff Training College is responsible to the Commissioner General of Prisons for the training of uniformed officers of all ranks and cadres, and controls units such as studies, College administration, Music and Centre for Correctional and Criminal Justice Studies. Specifically, he performs the following duties:

1. Administration of the Prisons Staff Training College.

2. Development and review of training curriculum and programs for cadet officers, Prison Constables recruit courses, all promotional courses and any special courses that may be mounted from time to time in liaison with the Director of Administration.

3. Organizing special training programs for senior officers in liaison with the Director of Administration.

4. Preparation and marking of all departmental examination papers.

5. Control and training of Kenya Prisons Band, Dance Band and CORPS of Drums.

6. Coordination of Kenya Prisons Main Band engagements in liaison with Director of Administration.

7. Member of any committee deliberating on special parades during National functions or celebrations.

8. Administering oaths and declarations by uniformed prison officers.

9. Member of Departmental Promotion Board.

10. Member of the uniforms designing committee.

11. Control of all funds allocated to the Prisons Staff Training College in liaison with the Administration Secretary.

12. Periodical follow-up reports on cadets and newly recruited staff posted out after initial training in liaison with Director of Administration.

13. Liaison with other disciplined services on common training programs when necessary.

14. Participating in regional and overseas tours to share experiences and learn best practices for purposes of improving standards.

15. Any other duties that may be assigned to him/her by the Commissioner-General of Prisons from time to time.

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