Kenya Police Service Salary Scale 2024-2025

Kenya Police Service Salary Scale 2024-2025

Kenya Police Service Salary Scale 2024-2025 – Details of Kenya Police Service Salary Scale 2024-2025

Being part of the Kenya police force is one of the best achievements. The Kenya police are highly respected persons in the society since they are responsible for Kenya’s internal security. The salary of Kenya police in 2024 is improved and besides, the government also issued them with brand new dark blue uniforms that are amazing. That said, let us break down to what we want to discuss at length below. Kenya Police Service Recruitment
Here are the Kenya Police salary scale and allowances 2024

Kenya Police Service salary and allowance 2024

No.RankSalary per monthSalary per year
1Inspector General of PoliceKsh 854,241Ksh 10,250,892
2Senior assistant inspector generalKsh 274,890Ksh 3,298,680
3Assistant inspector generalKsh 187,890Ksh 2,254,680
4Commissioner of policeKsh 130,590Ksh 1,567,080
5Senior superintendentKsh 85,890Ksh 1,030,680
6SuperintendentKsh 73,020Ksh 876,240
7Assistant superintendentKsh 70,530Ksh 846,360
8Chief inspectorKsh 59,220Ksh 710,640
9Inspector of policeKsh 53,820Ksh 645,840
10Senior sergeantKsh 50,220Ksh 602,640
11SergeantKsh 45,540Ksh 546,480
12CorporalKsh 42,660Ksh 511,920
13Constable/Fresh GraduateKsh 32,880Ksh 394,560

Just as it is in other professions, how much every Kenyan police earns relies upon their education level and the ranks they hold in the police force. The year 2015, the Kenya police salary was increased by 100% – a move that saw many policemen and women celebrating and motivated to work harder. Given this new structure, the increment was to be spread in four stages and the police would earn the accompanying figures.

  • 1. Basic salary for Kenya police constable was 32,880 Kenya shillings a pay that was considerably higher than a fresh graduate in Kenya.
  • 2. The Corporals take home basic pay of Ksh 42, 660.
  • 3.Constables pockets sh 45, 540 every end of the month.
  • 4. The Senior sergeants get Sh50,220.
  • 5. The Police inspector earns a basic pay of Sh53,820.
  • 6. Assistant Superintendent of police gets Sh70,530.
  • 7. Superintendent earns Ksh Sh73,020
  • 8. Senior superintendent gets Sh85,890.
  • 10.Assistant inspector-general of police pockets Sh187,890.
  • 11.senior assistant inspector-general takes home Sh274,890 every month
  • 12. Inspector General of Police gets Sh854,241.

Kenya police salary 2024

The police force been all merry and bliss in police camps each end moth until March 2018, when jubilation turned into tears and complains. This year,2018 has seen the Kenya police salary and allowances reduced greatly. Recent move by the National police service commission has seen the police encounter pay cuts by as much as half of their present pay rates. The officers who have already their payslips have grumbled of losing up to ksh 26,000 to the new move. The noted alteration has predominantly influenced new graduates (constables) and the disabled police who were injured in line of duty.

Alternations, for the most part, was seen as a move some say is intended to scrap off the graduates who have been bringing home a better pay.

Kenya police salary scale 2024


National police service is apparently lessening the compensations of graduate cops from Sh36,000 to Sh18,000.

Before these salary changes— which likewise included imposing of tax to the disabled officers— graduate constables earned a basic salary equivalent to that of a non-graduate inspector, just that the police inspectors took home higher stipends as a result of their rank.

Kenya police salary circular reactions

In the last few months More than a thousand Kenya police officers have resigned following the pay cuts and more of them are expected to follow suit in a few days  citing the implementation of the now disputable pay slice of up-to half of their pay rates.

That declaration has evoked distinctive responses from individuals with a large portion of them condemning the move as irrational and amateurish.

Majority feel that the lessening was debilitating and a sign that the service should just be a hold for ignorant individuals.

The fault was laid by leader of majority on the pay reduction on the Salaries and Remuneration Commission saying it set a terrible point of reference when it sliced the compensations of MPs downwards.

It was not left behind by the Minority Leader who likewise condemned the police service for burdening crippled cops saying it was illegal. Just As indicated by the law, incapacitated Kenyans shouldn’t be subjected to tax collection.

Police salary scale saga in Kenya

As per the salary payment notifications of some officers, they would get as low as Ksh 50 this month while others get nothing. A couple even received notifications of negative pay credited to the Sacco accounts. These notices, sent by the Police Sacco since Friday, have goaded the officers, some of whom have drafted resignation letters as others plan to sue the commission.

“Kenya police is the only organization where a Standard Eight dropout, a Form Four leaver who scored a D-in the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education examination, a postgraduate and an undergraduate take home the same salary,” a cop told the Nation on Sunday.

Now if you want to become a police officer, you know their salary in Kenya in 2018 as well as the pros and cons.

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