Kagumo TTC Admission Requirements 2024-2025

Kagumo TTC Admission Requirements 2024-2025

The Kagumo TTC Admission Requirements 2024-2025. See Details of Kagumo TTC Admission Requirements on this page.

Kagumo TTC is one of the best Polytechnics in Kenya. The school offers many programmes to train students to become great professionals and leaders in the future.

Kagumo TTC Fees Structure

Before one can get admission to read their preferred course, you need to meet the Entry/Admission Requirements for that particular course. The Admission Office of the Kagumo TTC has announced the available Courses and their Admission Requirements for 2024-2025 Kagumo TTC Intake.

The Kagumo TTC hence welcome applicants to apply to read their Courses, therefore, applicants should read the Entry Requirements provided below well.

Kagumo TTC Requirements – Kagumo TTC Entry Requirements 2024-2025

Kagumo TTC Application Form

Kagumo TTC Entry Requirements 2024-2025

Minimum Requirements for Diploma in Teacher Education

i) Mean Grade C+ (Plus) at KCSE

ii) Grade  C (plain) in English

iii) Grade D+ (plus) in Mathematics for Art based Courses only.

iv) Grade C (plain) in Mathematics for Science-based courses only.

v) Grade C+ (plus) in the two teaching subjects.

NB: For applicants with special needs (visual and hearing impairment)

i) Mean Grade C ( plain) at KCSE

ii) Grade C- (minus) in English

iii) Grade D (plain) in Mathematics for Art based courses only.

iv) Grade  C- (minus) in Mathematics for Science-based courses only.

v) Grade C (plain) in the two teaching subjects.

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