Daystar University Fee Structure 2023/2024

Daystar University Fee Structure 2023/2024

The Daystar University Fee Structure 2023/2024. See details of Daystar University Fee Structure in the table below;

Daystar University is a Christ-centred non-denominational institution of higher learning which exists to equip Christian servant leaders for the transformation of church and society. The fee structure of the University is charged according to the course a student is reading. Daystar University Courses.

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Daystar University Fees Structure Details:

The Fee Structure can fully be described by the Administration of the Training Institute. Hence we advise students and the general public to Contact Daystar University for Fees details. See the table of Daystar University Fees details below;

Daystar University Fee Structure for Self Sponsored Students

Daystar University Government Sponsored Fee Structure 2023/2024

Daystar University Masters Fee Structure 2023/2024

Detailed List of Daystar University Fee Structure 2023/2024

In this communication, we present to you the 2023/2024 Fee Structure. While changes have taken place in the wider economy with regard to inflation, the University has made a decision not to adjust tuition fees. Tuition charge per credit hour will thus remain as follows:

  • Undergraduate Programmes: The total tuition fees per semester assumes 15 credit hours for students on both campuses. A credit hour at Main Campus Athi River costs Kshs 5,650 while at Nairobi Campus it costs Kshs 6,410.
  • Nursing Programme: Tuition fees are fixed at Kshs 80,715 per semester.
  • Law Programme: Tuition fees assumes a full load of 18 credit hours per semester at Kshs 6,950 per credit hour.
  • Master’s Programmes: At Nairobi Campus, tuition fees assume a full load of 12 credit hours per semester at Kshs 7,830 per credit hour.
  • PhD programmes: At Nairobi Campus, tuition fees assumes 9 credit hours per semester at Kshs 15,000 per credit hour.
  • Postgraduate Diploma Programmes: Tuition fees assumes 12 credit hours per semester at Kshs 4,000 per credit hour.
  • Diploma Programmes: Tuition fees for diploma programmes assumes a full load of 15 credit hours per semester. Diploma in Communication is charged at Kshs 5,100 per credit hour while other Diploma courses are charged at Kshs 3,000 per credit hour.

The Management has further made consideration to discount Tuition Fees by 15% for both continuing and new students for the August 2022 semester. I invite you to take advantage of the Tuition discount to make academic progress. Registration of courses begins on August 24, 2022.


Payment Options:

  1. Fees paid in full in order to proceed with course selection.
  2. Payment in instalment; pay at least 50% of the semester fees to proceed with course selection. The remaining amount will be paid in 2 monthly instalments of 25% each. An instalment fee of Kshs 2,000 will be charged.

Medical Cover:

The University has negotiated a Medical Cover chargeable at Kshs 17,500 per academic year. Students who opt for the medical cover will be required to make full payment for the cover prior to the selection of courses.

Table Explanation of Daystar University Fee Structure 2023/2024


CHARGESDegree (KSH)Law (LLB) (KSH)Nursing (KSH)Master’s (KSH)PhD (KSH)PGDE (KSH)
Tuition fee84,750125,10080,71593,960135,00048,000
Examination fee1,2501,2501,2501,25001,250
Technology fee3,5503,5503,5503,55003,550
Library fee3,5003,5003,5003,50003,500
Nursing charge005,000000
Research fees0001,20000
Less 15%
discount on12,71318,76512,10714,09420,2507,200
Fees payable80,337114,63581,90889,366114,75049,100
Tuition fee36,00076,50045,00037,500
Examination fee1,2501,2501,2501,250
Technology fee03,5503,5503,550
Library fee3,5003,5003,5003,500
Less 15%    
discount on5,40011,4756,7505,625
Fees payable35,35073,32546,55040,175

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